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02 Jun



Dentist in Skye

If you are living in Skye and upset due to your tooth shape which is the main reason for your lack of good personality, then no need to worry try our dentist in Skye service and get better results in less time and money.If you need services from a Skye dentist, then our Carrum Downs location will be most convenient for you. Get in touch with us at 03 9783 0600.  

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31 May


Senior Associate Consultant

How to Spot a Company With Genuinely Happy Employees

by: ANNA JOHANSSON  It’s always nice to find a job opportunity that comes with a significant pay increase, but salary isn’t necessarily the most important factor for the average job seeker. Today, many professionals are evaluating less quantifiable metrics as well, such as work/life balance and employee satisfaction. If you really want to find a job you’ll love, you should work on finding companies where the employees are genuinely happy. If you find a company where employees are happy from the second they show up in the morning to the moment the

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30 May


Senior Associate Consultant

What Your Personality Says About Your Career Path

Everyone knows that the workplace is a mishmash of personality types. For better or for worse, there will always be colleagues who see the world differently and have varying strengths and weaknesses. One of the most obvious ways people relate to their environments and each other is though introversion and extroversion. Both introverts and extroverts have their own unique strengths, which you can maximize in the workplace and elsewhere. Fundamental Differences in Personality Types Whether you’re an extrovert or introvert, accepting, owning, and enjoying your dominant personalit

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29 May

Jonna Marjorie

Admin Assistant

The Easy Way to Follow Up After an Interview

SAVANNAH OBER  One of my clients’ most common concerns — and I hear it from candidates across the spectrum, entry-level to seasoned executives — is how to best follow up with an employer after an interview. Following up in a memorable way that leaves a good impression requires the mastery of a few elements — and it all starts while you’re still in the interview. During the Interview … Before the interview ends, ask your interviewer about the timeline for making a decision, and then request permission to follow up. For example, i

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28 May

Candice Cowan

Search Consultant

Benefits on the Fringe: Implementing Wellness Programs in Company Meetings

JASON MCDOWELL Welcome to Benefits on the Fringe, a column from writer Jason McDowell. Every month, McDowell covers the most unique benefits that today’s employers are using to woo talent, as well as advances and innovations in the employee benefits realm. Oh no. The dreaded four-o’clock meeting. Your employees have worked hard all day interacting with clients, implementing ideas, and responding to countless phone calls and emails. It’s only ten minutes into the meeting and you’re already losing them. Someone is nodding off in the corner. At leas

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27 May

Prasadh Gubbala

Accounting Operations Leader


In general, Brand value is widely associated with a Product or Organization. Branding is not just limited to these but applied to all walks of life, be it a place, people or even a pilgrimage is associated with certain brand value.  Personal branding is one of the key element of focus for highly acclaimed personalities, they make a conscious effort at all the time to be better placed in their respective trait. And what we call the people around us as Movie Buff, Foodie, Bookworm etc. are also carrying their share of personal branding in a small way. Branding can be positive and

Category:  Relationships, Popular

25 May

Nariman Maher

Associate Director

Why It’s Time to Stop Vacation-Shaming Your Employees

by: JASON MCDOWELL For some employers, a perfect world would be one where employees could work week after week without burning out. Nobody would ever want to take their kids to Disney World or need time off to travel for the holidays. But we don’t live in that world. People do burn out, and they need time off for the reasons above and countless others. Despite these simple facts, companies around the world make workers feel guilty any time they want to take a couple days or weeks off. Fifty-nine percent of millennials and 41 percent of workers age 30 or older fee

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24 May



ד"ר קובי שגיא

ד"ר קובי שגיא, העוסק בנושא מורכב זה עשרות שנים, סוקר בספר את ממצאיו המרתקים בלשון בהירה ומפרט בהרחבה את שיטות הטיפול השונות על פי מידת יעילותן והתאמתן למטופלים שונים.

Category:  Vacation

23 May

Improve Your Personal Finances to Become a More Confident Candidate

LUCAS MILLER  It feels terrible to fail at something and not know why – for example, when you’re on the job hunt and can’t seem to get past the interview stage. A number of factors may be responsible for your interview troubles. The usual suspects would be an anemic resume or answering questions poorly. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out. Usually, there’s a specific reason why your interviews aren’t going well – and it’s not always what you might think. It takes most interviewers about 15 minutes to decide whether

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22 May

Habiba Fouad

Senior Executive Search Consultant

Does Name Dropping Help or Hinder Your Job Hunt?

Research tells us that that word of mouth is still the most effective way to get a job: according to this CareerXroads study, around 20 percent of jobs are filled via employee referrals. A study from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York further underlines this point by revealing that referred candidates were twice as likely to be called to interview and had a 40 percent greater chance of being hired than candidates who were not referred. That’s great, but at some stage in the process you have to go through the process of dropping the name of your inside

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