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12 Nov

Ayman Jaber, (CISA, CRBA, CTNS)

Senior Internal Auditor | TeamMate Champion & Trainer| Management Consultant at Mobily

You can sign a contract and gain a reasonable amount of confidence. For example, you can sign a contract with a digital marketing agency to design a website for you. That signed contract immediately gives you confidence that the website will be built. (Whether it’s a good website or not is a different question)

Trust you have to build. And it’s built slowly over time. As my uncle says, “Trust comes on foot, but leaves by horse.” (He’s a brilliant business coach. I have a high opinion of his opinion)

Content Marketing is all about building trust with your prospects and clients. That process begins before you even sign a contract. It’s the first impression. It begins when you’re guiding your prospect, step-by-step, to understanding and believing in the benefits of your solution.

People will be convinced by what they find themselves, not in what you tell them. Let’s say you’re trying to sell a widget. If you brag about how great your widget is, you lose your chance of gaining your prospects trust. But if you focus on delivering value and paint a picture of what life would be like owning that widget, then you’re on the path of gaining trust.

Content Strategy

That’s why a solid content marketing strategy is so important. Valuable content will help you paint that picture of success for them. It will help you slowly build trust over time.

People will love to buy from you because they get what they expected.  You gave them valuable content and explained your solution simply. You guided them, you didn’t tell them.  

5 content marketing tips to help you build trust

  1. Listen – Sounds simple, but listen to what your customer needs first, then provide a solution.
  2. Useful – Provide valuable information that your prospect can use. What can you give them that will make their daily life better? Provide this value with no strings attached.
  3. Context – Deliver this useful content at the right time. For example, if your business is insurance, right now would be a great time to put out content about open enrollment.
  4. Transparency – Volunteer information and statistics on what you’ve seen in the past and what outcome they can expect to see in the future.
  5. Be Competent – Be the expert and thought leader in your industry. Again, this is accomplished by consistently providing useful content.

When you’ve gained the trust of your customers and prospects, the growth of your business is limitless. People LOVE to give referrals to companies they trust. Why? Because it makes them look good.

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To your continued success, 



About Hendrik and Mingle Media Marketing

Hendrik is a digital marketer who prescribes the 80-20 rule. That means he helps companies focus on the activities that generate results. These services include: email marketing, content marketing and blogging, social media marketing and digital marketing consulting services.

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