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30 Apr

Jonna Marjorie

Admin Assistant


“If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.” – Ecclesiastes 11:4

You’ve seen them: overly detailed job descriptions masquerading as job postings. You’ve probably even written them yourself.

When it starts, you’re simply framing a description of your ideal candidate in isolation.

You check all the normal boxes. You lay out experience requirements, typically defaulting to the high end of the experience range. Then you list the education and skills required. If a bachelor’s degree is necessary, you write that an MBA is preferred. If no experience is required, then you list a bachelor’s degree. Why not get the best?

Will the new hire need to use in-house databases? Then you prepare a laundry list of databases they need to know, not bothering to think about how realistic this is. If 1 in 100 candidates can meet this requirement, why not put it down?

Maybe you have a template or job description you’ve used before. Maybe you pulled sample job postings from your competitors – a reasonable approach. But you want candidates who are better than theirs, so you add something more. You up the ante. You raise your expectations. You detail it all in the job posting.

Now, Imagine You’re the Candidate

You’re qualified for the real job – not the puffed up version in the posting. But you’re in a lower-level job right now or looking for a lateral transfer. This job posting for a job you could do very well ...Read more at:

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