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27 May

Prasadh Gubbala

Accounting Operations Leader

In general, Brand value is widely associated with a Product or Organization. Branding is not just limited to these but applied to all walks of life, be it a place, people or even a pilgrimage is associated with certain brand value. 

Personal branding is one of the key element of focus for highly acclaimed personalities, they make a conscious effort at all the time to be better placed in their respective trait. And what we call the people around us as Movie Buff, Foodie, Bookworm etc. are also carrying their share of personal branding in a small way.

Branding can be positive and empowering one, and also it can be negative and demeaning one. A positive Personal Branding helps in building an image and recognition. Personal Branding starts with a perception building and ends with positive outcomes. It works like a magic in attaining self-fulfillment and also being successful.

Below simple steps are a good way to start Personal Branding, if not started already, and then build further as one progresses:

  • Be on Time : Surprised to see this as the first step for personal branding? Theoretically this sounds silly, but practically this gives a surmountable edge. Try to time yourself not a minute early or not a minute late, practice it to believe it.  It could be a Team Meeting or Training - Manager could be turning up late or the Training is generally starting after 5 or 10 minutes of scheduled time, do not take leverage of other's delay as a reason for you to reach late, these few minutes of early arrival is going to make a huge difference on how others look at you, at the same time few minutes delay could brand you other way if you were the last one to reach the meeting. 
  • Be Inquisitive :  It's a great character to be curious and demonstrating ever learning attitude. If that's not your nature, Fake it till you Make it. Believe you me, the multiple fake iterations is going to become a habit in no time. Knowledge is Power, being Inquisitive does not limit you to just learn the aspect as-it-is but also pushes you to learn Upstream and Downstream of that activity. It is harder initially, but offers a great amount of comfort and confidence once you breach the bench-marking knowledge level of the group, which in turn builds enormous Personal Brand Value.
  • Be the First : Take advantage of being first to enroll into organizational initiatives or any Change initiatives that the Process is going through. The first hand advantage makes you stand out and people start approaching you for your advise or opinion, this stage is very interestingly going to craft a natural growth story of your Brand Value. Yet again, it's simple to be on the first list, it could be rough going through the implementation phase, the end result could be highly positive one or it could even be a disaster.   If it is a successful one, you are going to craft a success story, if not, you carry a great learning experience that no Institute will teach you.  End result is that either way you gain phenomenally. 
  • Be part of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) : Only handful in the organization would be willing to give their time over weekends in support of a social cause, but being part of CSR team the Brand Value gets manifold and also gives a wonderful experience of the Joy of Giving. Being part of CSR is also opens up a new way of thinking to improve lives of the needy, and also helps to have a gratitude for what you already possess.
  • Be well prepared for meetings :  Spending few minutes before the meeting to have a well documented questions, concerns and suggestions brings absolute clarity before you leave the room. Ambiguity around the subject or implementation methodology could be dreaded, don't fall prey to the temptation of knowing things on the go. The only caution one needs to take in the preparation is that the questions are not deviating from the subject of the meeting and not over-boarding the scheduled time. 
  • Last but not least, be handy with Elevator pitch : How would you react when a Senior Leader briefly exchanging pleasantries in Elevator with you? Just responding that you are doing good is No Good, it's a huge missed opportunity. Always and every moment of the day, you need to be handy with a 30 second pitch that can talk about ongoing interesting aspects of your Group. This 30 second pitch is called Elevator pitch. These 30 second conversation could either get you a few minutes of Senior Leader time to converse or it could even get you a separate appointment to go over the details. This could be a game changer, so be well prepared to manifold your Personal Brand Value.

Above simple actions would certainly set the stage in building Personal Brand Value, and in order to take it to the next level one needs to add up with the Knowledge of their respective Trade and also the ever improving smartness in executing the same. 

Happy Reading and Happy Branding :) !!!

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