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10 Dec

Betty Ebbi John


Conflict: A difference that prevents agreement : disagreement between ideas, feelings, etc.---Merriam-Webster Dictionary

After watching business leaders at close quarters for many years, I have found that star leaders have one quality in common.

They embrace conflict.

When faced with aggressive behavior or disagreements, they don’t cow down. They challenge the status quo and have the confidence to engage in healthy debate. They push back and confront people if required.

Strong leaders are assertive and are not afraid of having tough conversations. They have a point of view, express themselves freely and take a clear stand. They don't take sides based on looking good. Taking the easy way out is not an option for them.


Working with the Shadow:

Everyone can learn to express themselves based on their passions and beliefs. One way to do that is to partner with one’s shadow. Psychiatrist Carl Jung was the first to tell us that everybody has a shadow. A shadow is everything we don’t want to be but fear we are. It determines how we see ourself. It follows us wherever we go but we try to hide it from others.

In their book ‘The Tools’, Phil Stutz and Barry Michels recommend connecting with the shadow. They provide a tool for working with it. Partnering with the shadow will allow you not to be overwhelmed by it. At the same time you will not hide it.

Once you feel connected with your shadow and develop a balanced relationship with it, you can overcome the pressure of gaining approval of others. You train yourself to rely on your inner self, not on the reactions of others. You express yourself freely and confidently. This will help you to manage conflicts quickly and become a star leader. A leader who attracts raving fans and strong loyalty from followers.

It’s natural for conflicts to arise in an organization.

Conflicts resolved fairly and effectively lead to stronger teams, healthier relationships, high employee engagement and increased productivity.

So are you ready to embrace conflicts and be a star leader?

Please share in the comments section below some strategies that have worked for you in dealing with conflict at work.

(Visual From: The Keep Calm-o-matic)

This post originally appeared on Linkedin. Written by Maneesh Sah

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