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26 Jun

Raul Harman

Innovative enterprise consultant

Social media and emails get all the attention when it comes to marketing. That’s to be expected because they have really revolutionized the industry. However, telemarketing, although not new and not that talked about, still gets the job done.

The only question that remains is how to do it. It’s important to have a strategy and assemble the team carefully and provide them with proper training. Only that way you can harvest all the benefits of this approach.

Is it right for your product?

Although an effective technique, telemarketing isn’t suited for every product equally. Before embarking on creating a team for it, make sure it’s right for you. There are a few things to consider – first of all, the price of the product. People won’t buy anything that sounds too inexpensive over the phone. It is a well-known fact that is telemarketing is convenient for garden-variety products, especially if they are not expensive. Next, think about the market you’re about to enter. It should be niche enough for you to dominate it and big enough so you can actually make money of it.

Have a network of options

Telemarketing shouldn’t be the only part of your advertising efforts. On the contrary, it should be used in combination with all the other marketing strategies you have in place. For instance, a follow-up email could be really helpful for those who are on the fence about your presentation. The emails should be both informational and to the point. Also, using telemarketing to get people to your live events could be a winning combination. The events should be coordinated with the telemarketing team, as they really make a comprehensive approach when combined.

Know your customer

The telemarketing services you’re using could be much more effective if your employees have enough information of the customer before the call. Demographics are important, so you should know their age, occupation, relations to other brands and income level. But, there’s something even better than this. The goal should be to know the biggest concerns and difficulties the customers have with your competitors. By addressing these problems directly and offering solutions right away, you’ll be able to distinguish yourself from all the rest in your industry. Especially, take notice of the language they use to describe the issues since if you use a similar vocabulary choice, you can get closer to the customers and make them feel understood.

The team

Make no mistake – telemarketing is hard work. Talking on the phone to strangers and trying to sound convincing isn’t something that everyone can pull off. Also, it’s the marketers’ job to always be pleasant and approachable. This is next to impossible, regardless of the people skills you have. Make sure to show the employees that you appreciate their work. A decent pay is the first thing you should provide, but it shouldn’t be the only one. The perks and words of encouragement can sometimes mean more than money.

Record and adapt

All the calls your team makes should be recorded and archived. This isn’t just a way to make sure everyone’s doing a good job; by reviewing the calls every now and then, you get a sense of what topics are of special interest to your clients and what are recurring themes. This will make you more prepared and help you anticipate the needs of the clients. Make it a part of your regular schedule to review the work of each agent individually and to identify the patterns in the conversations.

Telemarketing is still one of the most useful marketing channels. Use it together with the rest of your campaign and the results will be visible.



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