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26 Jul



Contrary to popular belief, traditional marketing methods used before the dawn of the digital era are still successful at reaching prospective clients and customers, and helping your business achieve long-term growth. Although the use of digital media and online marketing methods have been the prevalent source of audience engagement and customer acquisition, and are playing the lead role in brand awareness, their impact can be significantly increased through the use of more traditional methods.

Here is how your business can capitalize on marketing methods audiences are familiar with, in the pursuit of a unified, all-encompassing marketing strategy.


The saying ‘nothing personal in business’ has never held true. Human beings are emotional creatures first and foremost, and their rationale, although a crucial element in success, plays a supporting role. Doing successful business with your clients or customers entails an emotional bond between your brand and your target audience, and it’s one of the best ways to highlight your worth and establish a relationship is by networking.

Press releases

A press release is far from a forgotten marketing strategy; it’s still one of the best methods of audience outreach, and it can take on a digital, analogue, or printed form. The benefits of press releases are numerous, as local as well as internationally established businesses can utilize them to draw attention towards a new product or service.

Furthermore, a press release is able to speak to and allow a local market to identify itself with a new brand, which comes especially in handy if you are venturing into a new, previously unexplored market arena. You can create a press release for a local radio station, TV network, and online newspaper publication or even in printed form – the possibilities are numerous.

Cold calling

While people don’t necessarily love the idea of calling potential customers or clients out of the blue, the cold calling method has a surprisingly high success rate and is widely used and acknowledged as a strong marketing method by companies around the world.

Additionally, you can acquire valuable leads through on-demand services and employ and entire marketing team to reach out to prospective clients. If they make it past the gatekeepers, or someone’s grandma, you will have no problem scheduling a meeting.

Direct marketing and business cards

The two most successful traditional marketing methods, that help boost brand awareness, portray your brand personality and establish emotional relationships with your demographics, are printed ads and business cards.

The key factors that will determine the success of your direct marketing effort and the effect your business cards leave on a potential client are beautiful designs paired with quality materials. Be sure to look for professional printing services if you want your name and logo to stand out on quality paper, and employ a good designer to create engaging and inspiring marketing material.

Word of mouth

Finally, word of mouth marketing stands the test of time as one of the most powerful marketing tools in both analogue and digital eras. The art and science of branding have gone a long way in creating numerous engaging marketing methods to help present the right stories, feelings and emotions to your target audience, and one of the best ways to communicate your story is by letting your loyal followers spread the word.

Word of mouth marketing can be utilized in a number of ways, from social media posts and brand ambassadors to local charity events, networking parties, lectures, free workshops – the creative possibilities are endless. Remember, brand trust and loyalty require a foundation of honesty, and if you want your word of mouth campaign to bear success, you need to avoid any errors and always speak the truth to your target audience.

Digitalization and technology are the future, and traditional marketing methods are an inviolable part of that future. Before you turn completely towards digital media, take a step back to realize the importance of these marketing methods in your brand strategy, and how they can help you pave the road to long-term growth and success.

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