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14 Aug

Habiba Fouad

Senior Executive Search Consultant


An internship can be a great way to gain hands-on experience, make connections, and get your foot in the door of your chosen industry—provided you aren’t just fetching coffee and making copies.

Fortunately, these 14 companies offer amazing internship opportunities that will have you doing so much more than grunt work. They empower their interns to own their projects, pick up new skills, and forge their own paths.

Sound too good to be true? We assure you it’s not. Check out their available internships, submit your application, and prepare for a rewarding experience—no coffee runs required.

1. Enterprise Holdings

Enterprise Holdings is a family-owned, world-class company offering a total transportation solution, with more than 9,000 locations and more than 90,000 team members worldwide.

In an ideal world, an internship leads to a job. Enterprise Holdings understands this and focuses on making hires and promotions from within. In fact, many employees begin as interns in order to learn the basics of the business and then climb the ranks within the company. “My advice for someone who's coming into Enterprise? The sky's the limit,” says one of the company’s Assistant Managers, who started as an intern herself.

2. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is a diversified community-based financial services company with a vision to satisfy customer’s financial needs and help them succeed financially.

When it comes to making the most of an internship at Wells Fargo, Vanessa Rodriguez, Commercial Real Estate Relationship Manager, has some sound advice. “Be interested in the field you’re in, have intellectual curiosity around it, and let it propel you forward in your career,” she says. Those are words you should take to heart, as Vanessa got her start as a Wells Fargo intern herself.

3. Alcon

Alcon gives and sustains the gift of vision by leading global innovation across pharmaceutical, surgical, and everyday eye care in an effort to discover new ways to enhance sight.

“Alcon does an exceptional job developing people within. That’s rare for such a large company,” says Jose Villarreal, Sr. BPA Analyst. He would know best, as he started as an intern himself. Jose joined Alcon’s Latin America team as a financial analyst intern after studying finance and accounting in Mexico. After learning firsthand how diverse the company was in its business objectives and employee makeup, Jose was ready to launch his career at Alcon full-time—and he’s only climbed higher since then.

4. Fetch Robotics

Fetch Robotics is a venture-backed Silicon Valley startup—revolutionizing the way work is done with innovative industrial robotic solutions.

Fetch Robotics believes in building the future—not just with robots, but also with people. As a result, the company has a robust internship program for students who are eager to gain some valuable experience and learn from some of the brightest minds in the robotics industry. From mechanical or electrical engineering to robotics software, the company is currently looking for interns in a variety of disciplines.

5. BrandlinkDC

BrandLinkDC is a full-service PR, marketing, events, and social media agency that serves as a close partner with best-in-class innovators to develop and tell their brand’s unique story.

“We’re growing so quickly and there are opportunities everywhere,” explains the Co-CEO and Co-Founder. Some of these opportunities? You guessed it—they’re internships. BrandLinkDC internships provide real, hands-on experience in the field. Interns work on the company’s event and publicity teams and get to dig into creating campaigns and event concepts all the way through to implementation.


USA TODAY NETWORK brings timely news and entertainment right to the fingertips of readers around the country by pairing innovative technology with razor-sharp reporting and storytelling.

Sometimes there’s nothing like an internship to open your eyes to a career path that you had never even considered, and USA TODAY NETWORK takes pride in exposing interns to a variety of different opportunities. “I had no idea what my internship experience here would lead to. I never considered being a magazine designer, but I absolutely love it now,” explains Miranda Pellicano, who’s now a full-time Junior Designer with the company.

7. Pandora

Pandora is a personalized radio service, available anytime and anywhere through connected devices. The company’s goal is to play music that its listeners will love every time they tune in.

If you think internships are all about menial tasks that nobody else wants to do, a few days at Pandora will quickly have you humming a different tune (pun intended). The company’s team is full of people that are incredibly talented, but also don’t have huge egos—meaning they’re more than willing to help newbies in the industry learn the ropes.

8. U.S. BMW Group Companies

U.S. BMW Group is a nation-leading luxury and performance automotive distribution company, transforming extraordinary ideas into exceptional driving machines.

BMW encourages all employees to jump into the driver’s seat of their careers. And, that rule holds true for interns as well. With an internship at BMW, you’ll be able to roll up your sleeves, contribute ideas, and work on tasks that actually matter. You won’t just be helping out, either. The company anticipates that you will plan and execute projects independently.

9. BAE Systems

BAE Systems builds and optimizes technology that revolutionizes defense around the world. The company helps sustain economies and safeguards security and commercial interests with pristine execution.

BAE Systems really invests in its employees. From interns to managers, everybody is encouraged to tackle their own projects, add to their educations (BAE Systems helps to cover costs!), and continuously develop as professionals. The company is currently looking to fill a bunch of open intern spots, so there’s never been a better time to toss your hat into the ring!

10. Rust-Oleum

Since its fateful founding in 1921, Rust-Oleum has been crafting creative, durable solutions for every home and industry need, from surface protection to inspired looks for every idea.

With plenty of recognition for employees and numerous opportunities for professional growth—including tuition reimbursement, a company-developed training program, and a Learning Development Team—there’s plenty to love about working for Rust-Oleum. Need proof? Just ask one of the many employees who signed on full-time after their internships.

11. Medidata

Medidata develops cloud-based tech that streamlines biopharma research. Its platform optimizes drug development and clinical trial processes, accelerating time-to-market for new treatments.

If you’re searching for a rewarding internship experience, look no further than Medidata. As a growing, fast-paced tech company, Medidata offers an engaging and intellectually stimulating work environment—for people at all levels. Even better? Medidata employees have seemingly endless opportunities to develop their skills and advance within the company.

12. TransUnion

TransUnion offers clients around the world complete credit protection, from credit alerts and reports to credit scores and more, all accessible from one easy-to-use platform.

TransUnion knows that its people are its greatest asset, so the company places a huge amount of emphasis on growth and learning—yes, even for interns. “Being in an environment where people are always encouraging and pushing each other is one of the coolest things about working at TransUnion,” says Mark Wilson, Digital Marketing Specialist.

13. CommonBond

CommonBond builds better student loans as a step to shaping the future of personal finance. Lower lending rates, caring customer service, and a focus on community sets the company apart.

Changing the face of finance isn’t for the faint of heart—especially at CommonBond, where employees are led by a “let them fly” mantra that champions peer learning and encourages a sense of project ownership. Whether you’re an intern or a manager, professionals at all levels are equally valued and listened to.

14. Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott designs globally-inspired luxury goods and fine jewelry that have an equal emphasis on fashion and giving back. The company promotes philanthropy through a beautiful lifestyle.

Interns don’t need to worry about being treated as if they’re at the bottom of the ladder at Kendra Scott. The company’s close-knit culture is welcoming, and everyone—regardless of rank—is encouraged to contribute suggestions and grab the reins in their careers. “One of the things I measure my own success on is growing future leaders—and I have that opportunity to help others move up in this company,” shares Melanie Amua-Sekyi, Area Retail Manager.


Source: The Muse

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