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06 Sep

Raul Harman

Innovative enterprise consultant

The world of finance is constantly changing. This is the cause of frustration for many people involved in it. Working in a finance field is different from some other jobs in a way that it always requires further education in the field. What separates an expert in financials from an amateur is being informed, among other things. If you are not the type of person who is eager to learn, your career choice might have been the wrong one. However, even if you do like learning, you need to make an effort and create the habit of regularly reading and listening to the news from valuable sources. This is not as easy as it may sound, but it’s necessary and here’s why.


Educating yourself is good for more than just knowledge. Attending various seminars and participating in projects gives you an opportunity to meet many people from the same field of expertise and gain valuable insight. In addition, having these people in your network as possible future associates will make you more successful and efficient at your job. Not to mention that this will lead to you being an even more valuable asset to your company and it will become more difficult for them to replace you.


The dynamics of education is changing. The traditional school system where your education finishes after university is practically gone. Nowadays, everyone tries to educate themselves further and it is also necessary in most cases. Everyone needs to keep track of changes and upgrades in their own field. Having completed more courses, your value in the competitive market increases. The more you know, the better you’ll become and more independent in your endeavors.


When selecting courses for your own improvement, you need to be careful. Many of them sound interesting, but are they really useful? For instance, you may think that a general course in global finances sounds very interesting, but what you might actually need is a Certificate IV in Accounting course. Choose courses and seminars according to your needs, rather than preferences. If you can do both, excellent, but if not, have priorities. Your job and your life will be easier if you learn how to do something on your own instead of needing assistance or having someone to do it for you.

Choose wisely

A wide variety of courses and seminars available is good news as much as it is bad. Whenever there’s a sea of information to choose from, it’s more difficult to set the valid ones apart from the unworthy. Educate yourself about the applications of the certificates that are promised to you. Always do a background check of every school or organization that offers certificates. You don’t want to waste your time or money on something useless. Don’t let anyone fool you, ask questions and demand proof, it is your right and your obligation as a responsible adult.

Switch methods

Attending courses and seminars is not the only way to educate yourself. You can learn by doing, which is often one of the most efficient ways of learning. Sign up for projects, in your company and outside of it. Search for projects online and boldly join them, even if you don’t know everything about the subject. Enter quizzes and competitions, tournaments, be confident in what you know and be willing to learn what you don’t know. Use computers, television and the internet to the fullest in order to get the best education you can.

Knowledge is power. Regardless of how dingy this may sound, it is the truth. The more we know, the harder it is for others to trick us. We all know how fickle the world of finance is, one needs to be smart and cunning in order to make it. This is why every piece of information can be useful if assessed right. So, keep an open mind and go for any kind of knowledge you can get!


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