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21 Sep

Emma Lewis

Communications Manager

Owning a small business is no doubt a difficult thing to do successfully. On a daily basis, there’s a huge amount of things that need to be seen too, dealt with and organised. Clients, customers, quality of services and products and paying bills are just some of the things a business owner must keep on top off to ensure the success of their business. In keeping up with these necessities, it can be easy for the office to become unorganised, which generally means a drop-off in productivity. Using a storage solution for your business can give you the space to get your office organised and ensure your business is heading in the right direction.

If your office is becoming crowded, untidy or you simply want a secure off-site location to store your businesses documents and other assets, you can head to sites like Spacer to easily find local storage spaces. Spacer is a marketplace that connects people who have spare space to people who need space. If you want to find out 5 ways your business can use storage, read on!

Secure Documents and Records

A small business, whatever industry it’s in, will have to keep important records and documents for their own analysis or for tax reasons. Over the course of the businesses life, these records can build up and take up a lot of space. Renting a storage space can be the perfect solution to this problem. Recent and current documents can be kept in the office, while old and unused documents can be stored in a secure storage location. Record keeping is a vital part of business, but it can get complicated and unorganised keeping huge amounts in the office.

Store Stock

If you own a brick and mortar store, owning a storage space is a great way to store extra stock. This is perfect for retailers, especially for those who experience busy and quiet periods. If you don’t have a storage space, and find yourself with too much stock, you could be in the unfortunate position of getting rid of perfectly good, and valuable stock. You could relocate to a larger store, however this is expensive and time consuming. Renting a storage space is much cheaper and means you won’t waste time closing down and re-opening somewhere else.

Temporary Storage for Relocating

If you do decide to move to a bigger store, having storage space can still be a significant help. Having the ability to clear things out of your old store or office, before you can move into the new location can make the entire moving process easier. Whether you simply need more off-site space, or your moving for more on-site space, having a storage solution is beneficial.

Equipment and Supply Storage

Most businesses will have supplies and equipment that are needed intermittently or need to be restocked occasionally. Using a storage space is ideal for office supplies, such as notebooks, and pens, spare furniture or large pieces of equipment that can’t be kept on location. This can allow businesses to buy in bulk which is an effective cost saving strategy. This solution is also perfect for service companies like gardeners, landscapers or video and sound technicians who need a place to store their large and expensive equipment.


Businesses might also have large marketing and promotional materials that are only needed for certain events. There’s no point taking up precious office space with things that are only used a few times a year. In the same vein, storage space is a perfect place for seasonal decorations.

Digital Storage

Another way businesses can use storage, which is entirely different to our previous ways, is digital storage. There’s no doubt that we are in the midst of a digital age so it’s important businesses are thinking about their digital records and assets and how to store such things. Some records and documents will be digital so storing them on cloud services, like Google Drive can be a great way to free up space on your on computers and servers while ensuring you have access to them from anywhere.

There are countless ways to use a storage space. Ensuring your business doesn’t run out of critical supplies, stock isn’t wasted and your documents and equipment have a secure storage area can be a significant boost to running a business. Whether you use it for business or personal reasons, owning storage space can make life easier!


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