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08 Oct

Raul Harman

Innovative enterprise consultant

Looking back at 2016, it was one of the most ridiculously unpredictable years since the turning of the 20th century. Disregarding the UK’s seemingly sudden exit from the European Union and the US’s controversial presidential election, the economic dynamics went completely berserk. Although the current fiscal year has been more stable than the previous one, it’s not as if it was without its own sudden and crucial turning points. Disregarding the questionable political situation with North Korea, the bitcoin price has decided to go completely crazy, skyrocketing to the whopping price of $5,000, before climbing down to the $3,000 mark, and now slowly settling at $4,000, which is still almost double its pre-August level.

With currencies jumping around the place, an interesting idea of securing one’s assets through investment in a well-known, reputed and well-regarded currency of gold has popped up, and we’ve decided to investigate the supposed benefits.

It’s not really a currency

Don’t let the title mislead you – the fact that gold is technically not a currency is both true and not a bad thing. In fact, gold is much older than modern currency; it was actually used to create the very monetary system that we use today – it used to be the standard by which all the currencies were valued.
Today, however, it holds a secure position that’s pretty much outside the banking system – gold bullion follows completely different trends than other economic assets. To elaborate, when other currencies drop in value, the investors need a safe haven, and what better a safe haven than the one that is outside the banking system. This causes gold to spike when other monetary assets drop, which brings us to our current state of affairs: with countless currencies showing signs of dropping in value and with some already on the losing streak (the US Dollar), investing into gold might actually be a fantastic idea at the moment.

The matter of price

However, despite the fact that investing in gold might currently be a fantastic idea, people are only starting to consider it, which means that the price of gold has likely yet to skyrocket. In fact, the price of the well-known precursor currency is at a 5 ½ year low, meaning that investors that opt for gold get double the amount of it for the money, in comparison to 5 ½ years ago, making it a tempting buying opportunity.

Gold has low volatility

Another important factor that distinguishes gold from the modern currencies is that there is a significantly “more finite” supply of it in the world. Seeing as how it’s not as if production can simply rise to meet a demand that has increased, the prices are automatically driven higher, which means that the risk of devaluation is reduced. Furthermore, lower prices quickly start to attract more investors and increase demand, further fueling the rising price. As the market is preparing for the 2018’s highly anticipated “modern gold rush”, experts advise investors to buy gold and seize the opportunity while it lasts.

It’s easy to liquidate

Without being able to use it, what’s the point of a currency? Fortunately for those planning on investing into gold, it is easy to liquidate. Recognized and highly sought after, gold can be exchanged for typical currency, goods and services throughout the world. It’s a universal currency that is very easy to liquidate.

With its golden (pun intended) set of immunities that the typical currencies do not have, gold is at its 5-year low, making it a considerable opportunity. Easy to liquidate, and with its low volatility, many experts predict that the 2018 is going to be the year for gold to truly shine!



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