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06 Nov

Anna Aldea


New web users very often ask us which blogging services they should use WordPress or Blogger? WP beginner is the largest preferred site for WordPress beginners. Thus it is obvious that we prefer WordPress over other blog services. In this article we will do a brief comparison of WordPress Vs Blogger to help you determine which one suits your needs in a better way. Thus you can make the best decision to choose one of them to write blogs. This article is about WordPress Vs Blogger, a complete comparison of pros and cons.

1) The Ownership
Blogger is a blog service that has been launched by internet giant Google. It is free and quite reliable and you can comfortably publish your stuff on the web through it. However it won’t allow you to be its owner. Google runs and manages this blog service and has the right to close it down whenever your content shows signs of spamming.
When you use WordPress then WordPress hosting provider guides you to host your own site. You are free to decide how long you want to run it on the web and when you want to close it down. You will be the owner of entire data at WordPress you can control the information that you want to share with online readers.

2) Blog Control
Blogger is a well tuned service with limited tools that enables you to perform only specific tasks on your website. You can do only limited things on your There is not any means by which you can extend them to fulfill your requirement. 

WordPress is open source web based software. Thus you can easily extend and add new features in it. You will find many WordPress plugins that will enable you to modify as well as expand its features like adding store to your website and creating a business portfolio etc. When you compare WordPress vs Blogger for business purpose then WordPress grabs the credit of being the best for online business.

3) Physical Appearance
By default Blogger offers only limited set web templates to edit it. You can modify colors and web layout with these templates by using its in built tools. However you won’t be able to create web layouts and do modifications. There are some non official Blogger templates that are of low quality. 

When we talk of WordPress we find thousands of free and professional premium WordPress themes that enable you to create professional appearing websites. Behind every website there is a WordPress theme and you will accept it. It does not matter about what your website is you will find plenty of good quality themes at WordPress. You can easily customize these themes.

4) Data Portability
If you move your site content from Blogger to a different web based platform then this would be a complicated task. In this significant task you will lose your search engine visibility. Even then Blogger enables you to export your data and transfer your content on various Google servers for a very long time.

If you use WordPress than you can move your site content anywhere you want. You can move your WordPress site to a new hosting provider and even change your domain name. You can also move your website data to other content management systems. However when you compare Blogger Vs WordPress then you will see that the latter has more SEO benefits.

When you compare the content management platforms of Blogger and WordPress then you will see that the latter has more benefits and remarkable features. 

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