Tough times are like the physical exercise,You may not like it while you are doing it.But tomorrow you will be stronger because of it


Subsequent to the untimely passing away of my father(I was only 3 then) we have to go through very difficult times.

My mother at that point of time took a very bold decision that she will work and would not go in for any help from others. What mattered the most to her was only our education.

We (Me and my elder brother) learned a very valuable lesson from her. The lesson of toiling it out to script own success story by putting in hard work.

The importance of discipline, living within the means, accepting the difficulties and above all embracing the adventure called "life" and all such were learned in a little unconventional manner by tackling all those issues making it a living experience gained too Early in life.(#You could read the full post about that journey of my life by clicking on my author profile later..)

#Early in Career :

Graduated in Engineering,I realized that I enjoyed talking about technology! I took up Marketing and Business Development of construction products and services.Couple of years into the first job; I wanted to go in for further studies. I had admissions ready for one of the best known universities in South India for Management studies …Around the same time I was also offered employment with one of the leading organizations in the Middle East. This was a real tough situation to decide

I opted to leave the country to take up the Job in Middle East. The organization had a very diverse nature of operation spanning across several verticals and it posed several challenges in managing.It was really a global workforce of close to 1000 people......Enrolling as an International student(for a part time management course) turned out to be the best step I took.

As we did case studies and role plays several of it looked like an exact replica of what was happening at the workplace! What I could not open up at the work place I put it in my assessment papers by pouring my heart in those answer sheets .I started enjoying those difficulties at the workplace as this provided to me an opportunity many a times to come up with valid points for discussions in the next class!..The initial problems at the workplace over a period of time slowly got settled ,The best of the senior managers joined and the organization also became a good place to work with. I ended up handling the manufacturing units, construction products distribution division and many more.This experience also gave me the strong foundation for my career in International business development of Engineering products and services.

I left that organization after several years of successful association.What I learnt in that atmosphere was experience of a lifetime. Had I left the organization in the initial turmoil period itself I wouldn't have gained valuable experiences!(#For more posts about this part of my life you may click on my profile page)

#Mid career crisis:

It happened relatively recently. I was in my 4th year of a very successful association with the organization.Having handled several critical projects and a "mission abroad" very successfully I was mockingly called the blue-eyed boy....Well, I did have a very strong bond with my boss………… ……..To cut a long story short; Bangalore office which we built up assiduously by sweat and blood became redundant due to the restructuring of the organization necessitating to close it (My boss being a thorough gentleman he has been; did propose an offer of association still with them, but in a different manner....)..Quick turn of events…All these things were happening and simultaneity I became ill(Can't figure out which happened first)…With a platelet count alarmingly low at 5000 due to dengue. To make it even worse my son was also down with the same problem. We both were on Intravenous fluids.Platelets were being administered into the body to increase the count.

So here I am in the hospital bed with drips along with my son....Also this change taking place in office simultaneously.

I initiated action to transfer my staff to Hyderabad office and all such things to make sure that the the objective of the management was fulfilled even though I was in the hospital bed then (Remembered what I learnt...”Business is an ongoing process….”}.

Did everything possible to make it smooth. So I also needed to get into a new job. Somehow I was not worried about that; maybe I needed to worry more on my health and about my son then!

As this situation was going on I was also getting calls from one of my customers who has been with me for long to help him source some products which they badly needed and my organization was not manufacturing the same. Something was working in my head....................

So on the evening of my last day in that Job, which still happened to be on sickbed I decided to check up with my contacts and source the product...and I was successful. I called my customer who by that time was desperate and conveyed to him that I have succeeded in sourcing the product...More so I announced to him that I will be doing it in my Independent capacity. I became an Independent consultant...........A consultant was born out of a sickbed! And I had a lot many of them calling me during this period......

Encouraged by this positive turn of events; in the next couple of days I started introspecting a lot...I started asking this question again and again...

"What is the greatest strength that I have as a consultant on which I would like to bet my working life on"?

I had this answer.......It is nothing other than my desire to help my customers to get the required services and in the process supporting the growth of the organizations which provides the same.

Yes,Every single day we make a choice in our life, Whether to fight or run away from the situation.Often when your gut feelings might have indicated to you to pursue despite all the odds please go ahead with enthusiasm and make sure that no stone is left un-turned in the process!....

(This would never be complete without expressing gratitude to those who stood by. A long term plan includes that of publishing book with some of these experiences.I am based out of Bangalore.My son is all of 12 years!.My wife who supports all my endeavors currently works in the SAP platform in construction industry.)

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Thanks for going through this and would like to know what choices that you made earlier resulted in your life taking a turn for the better?

(Note 1 #) As an Independent Consultant Based out of Bangalore I am available to support organizations to grow globally in the most ethical manner.

(Note 2 #) My professional association with various organizations I worked earlier is something to cherish for a lifetime.A lot of milestones achieved.

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