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14 Dec

Habiba Fouad

Senior Executive Search Consultant

Have you been lectured on what you can do and what you can’t? Is someone telling you that you do not have the talents to move to the next level? Are you going the extra mile without receiving the credits you deserve? Are you being told constantly that your endeavor is going to fail before it even started? Are you working in an environment which does not provide adequate support to fulfill yourself?

That’s the harsh reality faced by anyone trying to achieve his/her dreams.

Yes, achieving your dreams is difficult!

Your surroundings constantly remind you that it would be better for you to fit to the pack and that “Think different” is just an outdated commercial slogan from the eighties.

But remember one thing …




There are 5 important notions to constantly remember while chasing them ...

1. Remind Yourself Why/Where You Are Headed

We all face moments in which motivation weakens: progress is slow, things are getting harder, and pressure is high. It is in such moments that you absolutely need to stick to the plan, keep your composure and remind yourself (and sometimes others) why and where you want to go. This will refocus you (or your team) efforts and give you the necessary positive energy boost you need to get going through those challenging times.

2. Persevere but Don’t Be Stubborn

The amazing thing with dreams, new ideas and concepts, is that there always seems to be more than one way to reach or to achieve them. Perseverance is a noble attitude, but you have to ensure that you do not get blindfolded and stubbornly stay on a dead end.
Do not get insane, as Albert Einstein famously said, and try “doing the same thing over and over again" while "expecting different results.”

3. Take Any Opinion Positively

Others' opinions, good or bad, are always important. If you are clever enough to sort them out, you will probably find a couple of gems pointing towards better ways to make progress or highlighting important shortcomings to be fixed. In fact, you often do not have all the necessary competences to achieve a particular goal and very likely overlooked some very important factors.
Don't simply stagger at criticisms, understand them and seek expertise to move forward. For sure, it takes guts to face some opinions, especially the most negative ones, but they are very likely the ones which will lead you to the best outcome.

4. Surround Yourself with Positive Energy

Chasing a dream has and will never be easy. It becomes even more complicated if your surroundings do not provide the adequate support you need in times of doubt (and there will be many). Make sure that you build a strong support system around you which you can easily tap when things start to fall apart.
Severe ties with negative people. Negative energy is the last thing you need if you want to move forward. Get rid of it from the very beginning. Success owes a great deal to the people surrounding you.

5. Keep Going Anyway - Don't Be Afraid of Failure

Embrace failures. Surprisingly, failures are extremely important to your success in the first place, and especially the way you handle them (really important). Do not worry, you will undeniably meet several …
The most important is to understand why you failed, how you can avoid failing again, get back on your feet, and keep going. Do like Thomas Edison, consider that you “have not failed” but “just found 10,000 ways that won't work”.

Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. The most important is to ...


This post originally appeared on Linkedin. Written by Yannick Feder

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