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16 Dec

Jean Silvestre

Admin Assistant

Imagination is everything.

That could be the most powerful statement of all time. Only, its useless, because most of us do not consider ourselves imaginative.

Most believe, that artistes, writers and people who dream new and wonderful things are imaginative, creative. We, normal people on the other hand are more base. The ones who see an orange sun and blue sky. I mean who sees pink elephants, purple cows and flying pigs?

The creative ones. and most often than not, they make their imagination come true as well. How do they do it? More on that later, here is the first part to it though.

5 quick ideas to get imaginative:
1. Spend time with a child and go along with whatever she makes up
Don't think, don't correct her. She is not the one who is supposed to learn, you are. You are going to get a lesson ( and a very quick one at that) on imagination.
Its fabulous. There is just no reason nor rhyme for her to change her vivid and very real imagination.
Go along for the ride, you will come back spell bound.

2. Think of opposites
How would the world be if all of us worked at night and slept in the day (ok, that is not a figment of my imagination anymore, a lot of people already do that!)
Or, what if we all walked on our hands? (ok that is scary)
But you get the general idea.

3. Juxtapose your fav characters
Take the character from one book/movie/play/tv series and replace with them with another from a different book/movie/play/tv series. now imagine the dialogues, the interplay etc. fun!

4. Think about the absence of things
like what if there were no elevators, or no fruits or worse, no internet? (wait there was a time when that was true..)
Anyway, think about stuff and then think if it wasn't there!

5. Paint
I love this. Just take some colour (any will do, pencil, crayon, water, enamel etc) and paint.
Forget what it will be, forget what it is and who it is for.
Just paint.
Once you are done, write a 3 line explanation for it.
Now, you will need to be imaginative!



This post originally appeared on Linkedin. Written by Prabhjot Singh Bedi


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