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16 Dec

Sanaa AbdulRahiman

Associate Director
What would you like to carry forward to 2015?

.........May be,a bit early to ask this question.But I have reasons for being early!.And my dear friends,this is not about any resolutions.......

Please allow me to bring in a little bit of life(also to be read as positivity) with the new year round the corner.We are all going to be resolute in our move to have more positivity in our life,I will tell you why and explain how.. Will you be with me?

I like this saying...

An entire sea of water can't sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship.Similarly, the negativity of the world can't put you down unless you allow it to get inside you

Whatever I am writing here is coming straight from my heart.I would be happy if this is going to be beneficial to someone...

How can everyone gear up to truly experience the positivism and enhance the quality of life as we move towards Christmas with New year round the corner ...?

Have you ever wished that somebody would invent a mechanism equivalent to the recycle bin in our computer so that we are able to move unwanted and painful thoughts at the back of the mind and go ahead with life and work? Well you are not alone!

The turning point of my life came the day I started thinking that we could be more at ease by ignoring those things that remain unresolved in our heart.Sharing with you all what I learnt from what I have gone through.

Nothing stays the same forever including those feelings of having got hurt or failed in your endeavor.Time heals and heal it should!Agree that keeping all those things in the heart and moving around as if nothing has happened is not an easy task .But thinking in a little different manner would bring in a lot more happiness if not anything else!.This is my own experiences and I am glad to share it with you all.

The day I learnt to accept the unpleasant fact that some people(or even situations) might put us down that became the beginning of a new way of life for me I have also come across many supportive and wonderful individuals during this "journey".Expressing my gratitude to all of them right here.May be it makes a lot of sense to once in a while remember this quote from Dalai Lama.."Don't let the behaviour of others to destroy your inner peace"

I started believing a lot more in my capability to adjust! I even wrote this in my scrap book in those days,My deep faith in me is the only truth which will allow me to survive & I will come out of this despite people unknowingly putting me down.Once I wrote this and started reading this every morning before I set out for my work I had a lot of inner confidence.Reminded myself every day of the adage ."You are stronger than you think." And I did it repeatedly as if to reassure me.....

In life there are certain things , we might never really get over,.......Some times the best we could do is just "get through " But that's okay..There is still a lot of beauty to find on the other side!.

Developing a strong inner conviction helped me tremendously One will be able to generate deep faith and transform it into confidence resulting in experiencing peace in difficult situations and "Truly" so by all means!

Developed better resiliency to adjust to the adversities..Don't always expect everything to be great. Although the downs are sometimes hard to face, they still have a way of molding you in the person you need to be."Keep your spirit pure,nothing on earth is worth your soul"

Learnt to cope up with the pressure of not being able to make it ...But at the same time realized the value of finding happiness on such a "journey" and making it meaningful for the future to be brighter.It is all about finding strength and happiness even when surmounted by difficulties and going ahead with optimism.

Take courage from what you have to go through in life and use the same to enhance life and career....That reminds me of my favorite quote from Mahatma Gandhi...."

Strength does not come from winning.Your struggles develop your strengths.When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength

You might win some as much as you are bound to lose some other!. Setting stretch goal is good but then it shouldn't be such that it corrodes emotional strength.One should not bother too much about the end result as long as one has made sure that he/she has done everything possible.

Remain humble.As much as you need to be aware of your strengths you need to acknowledge your weaknesses as well. May your weaknesses keep you so humble that you accept it in the first place, learn from it and work hard to align it positively;Gather enough STRENGTH to turn those into your greatest assets.

Finally the best lesson I learnt in the process is to be happy even when situation is otherwise!. If you could develop "that" attitude then everything else is going to be easy!...A lot of strength comes from the Indomitable will power god has given us. Finding strength through every such struggles in life is what makes it meaningful for us to carry on with the rest of the life.

Let us use the remaining part of the year in order to mentally adjust to "accept" these facts of life!.Let us all practice this well before this year comes to an end so that we carry forward only the good things and mere positivism. Nothing else.The choices that you make every single day makes you stronger than you think.Let this be our resolution for not just the year ahead but for years to come!....Wishing you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New year well in advance so that it encourages you to all start thinking in that direction positively ....(#My2014Moments)

Disclaimer: Views expressed are purely my personal opinions and not anyway related to organizations of which I am part of as Consultant now (Also not of those I worked earlier with)..Any issues with any or all content used in this post, should be directed to the author........


This post originally appeared on Linkedin. Written by Prakashan B.V

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