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17 Dec


Senior Associate Consultant

"Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” -

Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon

You know that a strong brand can help you to stand out. However, Marketers with strong personal brands never start out with the intent of building a great brand for themselves.

Instead, they first focus on delivering a service that exceeds expectations and delights their clients consistently. They focus on high performance day in and day out.

How do they do that?

Here are 5 things marketers can do now to transform their personal brands.

  1. Solve Problems: Almost every organization is grappling with the challenges of accelerating sales and driving profitable growth in these competitive times. Help your business stakeholders address these challenges by putting together and executing a growth hacking marketing plan. Focus on demand generation and not just building brand awareness.
  2. Earn Trust by Getting Things Done: Ensure that you deliver on the promises you make to your internal clients. My previous post spoke about the importance of having a strategic mindset. However marketers also need to convert strategies to actionable tactics and demonstrate value via execution excellence.
  3. Hold Yourselves and Others Accountable for Commercial Outcomes: Key here is to focus on results and not activities. Strong marketers keep themselves accountable for creating new conversations. They also keep the sales leadership accountable for timely follow up of leads and conversion to revenue. They focus on ROI of their marketing spend.
  4. Lead with an Investigative Mindset: According to the book The Challenger Sale , only those companies who challenge and surprise their customers with commercial insights on how they can save or make money deliver high sales performance consistently. Strong Marketers go out and meet customers and have an investigative mindset so that they develop a strong understanding of their customers’ businesses. They leverage on these learnings and partner with the sales force to create commercial insights. They don’t overwhelm their clients with the features and benefits of their solution.
  5. Craft a Personal Brand Statement: To communicate your value to your stakeholders, you need to have a punchy brand statement. This should be short and articulated in sound bites as if journalists will be quoting you. The book 100 Conversations for Career Success recommends this template:“I work with [target audience] to [what problem you solve]. This is how [your impact/results].”


This post originally appeared on Linkedin. Written by Ngee Key Chan.

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