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17 Dec

Betty Ebbi John


05/12/14...In one of my earlier posts an attempt was made to help you use certain "try" solutions before you quit so that you don't end up quitting leaving behind all your hard work on an impulse...

Earlier we also discussed about the need to come out gracefully ,,, (As you quit, Goodbye matters?)............

While all these are available in the author profile link at the end,Let us look at some very simple steps so that you are happy at the new place of work leading to a very successful association

#It is the "Trust " that matters a lot :-------Work on building "trust" by managing your reputation through steering clear of controversies: Manage the disappointments well and equally important is distancing yourself from negativity.Win the confidence of your boss and retain it. (Most Important)

#Be a go-getter....................Be the first to contribute and volunteer for good causes.Develop an image of a go to person

#You are new, You have nothing to lose-------Forget the past,start your working life all fresh now. Biggest advantage of changing to a new job is this could give you an opportunity to reinvent yourself.You can start with a clean slate. You know that people will judge you for what you are going to do and not for what you have already done. This should encourage you to do well and act smart and come up with very good work.

#Your ideologies and logic at workplace may not always match.................Don't mix up your personal philosophies with your views at the workplace unless you are very sure that both leads to the same end results.

#Be Proficient:----You could make a good use of your experiences and explore how all that is learned could be put to best use in the new job.Being innovative will make you stand out.

#Get a 360 degree feedback and check -------Somehow get a 360 degree feedback and find out how you have been doing within the organization and take corrective measures if anything needs to be done.

#Establish a strong #Personal brand with a lot of positive energy and literally live that life both in your personal and professional life so that everyone knows that you stand by certain values, principles and beliefs.

Last but not the least;..........#Think a lot before complaining instead focus on building affinity.

Of course, there could have many other more valid points and depending on the situation,and circumstances there might be different strategies one need to take and generalizing becomes difficult.

I have shared this based on my experiences of over 23+ years in the industry (Sales,Marketing and Business Development of Engineering and construction products across several verticals and different geographical regions)

I found all the above points really valid and should help you as well.Kindly add to this by contributing your observations in the comments section.

Would like to know what points you found as quite vital in surviving in a New Job?

All the best.



This post originally appeared on Linkedin. Written by Prakashan B.V

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