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17 Dec

Deepa Bhargava

Search Consultant

Most of us jump into tactics right away when they start their job search. They will tweak their resumes, perfect their cover letters, create portfolio, set up personal blogs, visit job portals, contact all the recruiters or headhunters, get on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Hangouts, etc), buy books, talk to friends, relatives, attend job fairs, or attend all the networking events they can find on planet earth.

The best job search strategies are useless if mental barriers are preventing you from acting on it. You could have the best techniques in the world. But if you have severe mental blocks, then there's nothing that I can do to get you to obtain value from these strategies.

Mindset plays a very important role in your job search. It can either make or break you as you experience setbacks and disappointments along the process.

Here are some typical scenarios of people who are having mindset barriers:

  • I'm not good enough for the job as I don't have the relevant experience
  • I'm over 50 years old and I don't think companies are interested to hire me
  • I'm in the technology industry, so switching to Finance will be very tough
  • I don't know any people in the telco industry, so it's very hard for me to get in
  • I'm worry that I may get the wrong job and has to stick with it for a long time

As you can see, all the above scenarios are mental barriers. Sometimes we call them the imaginary fears that hold us back to do what we really want to do. It's not about ignoring the fears as some of them might be real. But if you are not going to give a shot and test it, you won't be able to know the outcome.


Never get discouraged and never quit. Because if you never quit, you're never beaten.

Ted Turner, Founder of CNN


To keep your mindset and self-confidence in rich supply throughout your job search process, here are the 10 strategies on maintaining a positive attitude even when things go wrong:

2. Envision yourself in a position of success.Plant seeds of affirmative thoughts to reap positive actions. Don't ask, “What if it doesn't work?” Ask instead, “What if it does?” This behavior often leads to more job interviews and offers.

3. Keep your inspirations. Surround yourself with encouraging things, whether it’s a photo of your role model or motivational posters around your office. Read inspiring stories or watch videos of people who followed their dreams. (Tons of inspirational Youtube or TED Videos).

4. Constantly improve yourself. Take the time to assess your attitude, how others view you, and how you interact with others. Evaluate what are the things you need to improve on and follow through them as soon as possible.

5. Communicate with people who care about you. They are your source of support and encouragement. They will stay with you when things are not going well as you planned and will cheer you on when you're down.

6. Persistently ask, “If not today, when?” Do not let fear of failure immobilize you from doing things. Even if you were unsuccessful, you will always have the satisfaction of knowing that you didn't back down from a challenge. The important thing is that you tried, and you believed enough to take a chance.

7. Fake it till you make it. Act successful, even if you haven't arrived there yet. Adopt the attitude and actions of people who are already in your target position. If you are self-assured you are more likely to attract a good impression.

8. Find what drives you. When times are tough, give your attention to activities that compel you to be more productive or think better, whether it’s going to the gym, meeting up with friends or meditating.

9. Do what you love. Genuine interest in the job is good, but if you really have a passion for what you do, it will show. This is more valuable to any interviewer than your resume or list of accolades. Passion will give you purpose, will make you more perseverant, and will feed your self-belief.

10. Never give up. Be persistent and uncompromising to defeat. Keep in mind that those who have triumphed over their difficulties simply held on after a lot of people have let go.


* Always remember, tactics are useless if you have not overcome your mental barriers. Once you have remove them, continue to strengthen the foundation.

This will lead you to have more success in your job search and your career.



Here are the action steps you might want to participate:

A) List down top three mental barriers that are preventing you from getting what you want.


  • I don't have enough working experience for the jobs I want
  • I'm worried that I am too old to change my career
  • I'm fearful to start all over again if I change to an entirely new industry

B) Now list down how you can overcome these barriers (assume there is a solution)


* Feel free to add your comments so that everyone can learn from one another.


Wishing you the best in finding the job you love and enjoy!


This post originally appeared on Linkedin. Written by Ngee Key Chan.

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