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18 Dec

Sanaa AbdulRahiman

Associate Director

Several years ago I decided to relocate to India from Middle East.. Apart from several other factors which were relevant for me then;my mother's health condition was also getting from bad to worse and I wanted to be as nearer to my home base as I could possibly with my work....

So I decided to communicate to the management about my intention to relocate back to India without having a backup job!(#1, Can't even think of this now!)...

....By then I have been with them for quite some time and been instrumental in developing the engineered products manufacturing division (BRC and other construction products locally manufactured apart from supporting several European principles in spearheading the products and services in the local markets).

But at the same time I have never made it to a level to make myself indispensable.I have always delegated and trained people to take up higher responsibilities. One of my greatest satisfaction being able to prepare the local manpower apart from being able to train some key non-technical sales force also to take up technical sales.So I was very clear in my mind that I could move out without causing much harm to the existing system as I believed that I have already fine tuned the system and no more challenges existed for me..

Continuing with our story again,After putting in the paper I started looking for a job in India!.I was also determined that I will not get into anything randomly and wanted something which would have suited my career perspective for a long term association.Also looking for a job in India being away from the country was not an easy task with the connectivity not as good as we have now.I used to communicate to organizations over telephonic discussions that I am on the lookout for a great workplace where I could spend the remaining part of my working life and would not like to have one more change..#(Please see the #Note 3 at the end for my thoughts on this now!)

Getting back ... Organization was not wanting me to leave that quickly!By now I also realized that I needed to have a job in place before getting back to India as part of my relocation plan .I was associated with a prominent brand of engineering products then and through that managed to get a job offer relevant to my level in India to take it up as soon as I got back.Offer letter was promised after a detailed scrutiny of my candidature and great deal of interactions where even an online test was conducted and I qualified successfully.Received an email confirmation but the final offer letter was still pending.

Now I requested the organization to consider my relieving and asked them to take it on a fast track as I felt that now I am ready to relocate back to India.!

While the organization decided to take up the case of relieving me the other one which offered the new job came with the excuse that they are not thinking of developing the base in India immediately....... and requested me to either continue with the present job! or work elsewhere and get back when the right time arrives. #..To cut a long story short fortunately for me it all ended up well despite all those pains and I successfully returned back to India as planned...I did post about those experiences in a detailed article on LinkedIn earlier.........

A lot many positive developments did take place on my career front while returning to India at that point of time; May be not the time to discuss it here and like to save it for some other time:))))

While leaving from a Job,Don't be in a hurry to rush out! Though "that" is the only thing you may want to do then!.....Take time to THANK each and every one as you move out, there might be many who stood by you during those periods of struggle in your working life, people who guided you, mentored you. Never forget such people. Give them all due respect and take time to explain to them why you have to take such a decision and take them into confidence even when you are leaving.Co-operate with the person who has to take over from you.

Keep calm as you leave!.Leaving on good terms is very important.If you have had unfortunately some bad experiences this is not the time to take Revenge. Instead set a good example by being kind and considerate to even to those who have been unkind to you. "You are stronger than you think."


This post originally appeared on Linkedin. Written by Prakashan B.V

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