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18 Dec

Betty Ebbi John


Having taken the decision to move out;Don't be in a hurry to rush out! Though "that" is the only thing you may want to do now!

Why does it matter? What should you do to come out gracefully?For those who are on the process of coming out this might look like the most trivial question;but in reality is it so?

Respect the notice period. Obviously your new company may want you to join as soon as possible. It might be possible for you to pay for the notice period and get out. But think.

Are you handling any critical issues which will lose continuity?Are you the one responsible for any major accounts?

Are you an essential element for some process that is going on in the organization?

If your answer is yes, please appraise your new employer and take support from them and complete the notice period.

(Note:#I once had a colleague who stormed out of the office one day and never shown up at the workplace again,whenever people refer about him he used to be known for that action;which gave him a bad image.No matter how fed up you might feel these kind of actions will haunt you in your career throughout.

I once had someone working with me who on so called "medical grounds"!! left in the middle of a very critical project only to surface at the competitor’s place in a week's time.(He bypassed all the procedure and formalities while leaving because it was on "medical grounds"! that he was leaving!).Believe me; it gave all of us real tough time and pain. However; eventually we completed the whole project successfully though it meant reinventing the wheel. Imagine what thoughts would have crossed in our mind about the person who deserted us so badly? ....I even now recollect how a team of over a dozen people struggled but successfully completed the project well before time and even obtained credential for early completion.Thanks to him! our determination to successfully complete that project despite all the odds and without his help succeeded very well..#)

Getting back...,

  • Execute your responsibilities till the last day in the office how you would have liked to do when you have not taken this decision.

Often that indelible impression you leave with your employer would be....

How you have done justice to your responsibilities as you are coming out and; not what you would have done for several years. So it matters!
  • Continue to do whatever good work you have been doing and do all that is possible to help your organization so that they don't feel that you have left them high and dry.
  • If you have had unfortunately some bad experiences this is not the time to take Revenge!......

Instead set a good example by being kind and considerate to even to those who have been unkind to you.Unfortunately you might have had some seniors whom you might have found it difficult to deal with. Again this is not the time to give back for all that you might have suffered (I Always remember this story of one of my friends who left to a new job unable to adjust with his immediate boss only to find his boss taking up a senior level with his new organization!!!).Anything can happen anytime.Be prepared so that you don’t have to regret it later.

Keep calm as you leave!.Leaving on good terms is very important....

You are stronger than you think.

Co-operate with the person who has to take over from you, the one who is going to be your reliever. Let them not say after you leave that he/she was not properly informed to take things forward.

Don't take away your colleagues by giving them job offers.You would have loved to have them with you but think twice before you take this step that might be considered as unethical and might put you in a bad light in the future.

Tie up any loose ends before you leave, You definitely don't want to be remembered for any problems?

Hand over everything. Check out for any unfinished part of the work and help them to plan complete it so that when you are not there they are thankful to you for having made it easier for them.Document everything. Explain and clarify to all concerned.

Respect the feeling of your colleagues ,Don't go around talking about how great your next job would be.Never put your colleagues down by talking bad about the current organization where they may have to work for even longer periods. You might be even lucky to move out but never pour cold water on those who are still with the organization by your comments or any such actions.Instead show respect and appreciation and motivate them to continue with what they have been doing.

Take time to THANK each and every one as you move out, there might be many who stood by you during those periods of struggle in your working life, people who guided you, mentored you. Never forget such people. Give them all due respect and take time to explain to them why you have to take such a decision and take them into confidence even when you are leaving

Move on, it's just a chapter in the past. But don't close the book just turn the page.--Cayla Mills

All the best.

This post originally appeared on Linkedin. Written by Prakashan B.V.

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