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22 Dec

Habiba Fouad

Senior Executive Search Consultant

There is nothing that you can give somebody that will trump confidence! When somebody lacks confidence, they lack the ability to feel inner peace, security, loved by themselves and others, and worthy. Confidence is not gained by having the newest electronic or name brand clothes. It is gained from making yourself a priority. It is gained from putting the work in on yourself and never stopping. It is gained by looking in the mirror and continuously telling yourself that you are worthy of nothing short of amazing! What would your life look like if you had a solid self-confidence? How about somebody that you care about, could they benefit from this book?

I have priced my book, "Confidence is your game changer" so that just about everybody can afford it. You have the option to get it for your digital device or as a paperback. Checkout the reviews that I have received, they are awesome! This book is a super gift for people as young as early teens. There is nothing more important and life changing as having a solid self-confidence. This book is short and has actions that will immediately promote positive change. #self-confidence #self-help #self-love

I appreciate your support and would love to hear how your life changes once you implement my suggested actions throughout the book.

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Thank you,

Debbie Dickerson


*This post originally appeared on Linkedin by Debbie Dickerson

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