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22 Dec

Jonna Marjorie

Admin Assistant

You begin each day with a fresh new package of energy. It cannot be stored or saved. It will be used during the course of your daily activities. How you choose to invest that energy will determine your results. I refer to this as your daily ROE or return on energy.

Are your choices helping you to live on purpose?

Are they moving you toward what you want?

Your habits, attitudes and beliefs account for approximately 96-98% of your energy usage and results. It is essential to learn how to keep distractions, chaos and disengagement from burning up your energy with a poor return on investment.

In these challenging times many people are operating day-to-day in what amounts to a chronic, low grade amygdala hijack. When you experience one of these hijacks you will find it increasingly difficult to concentrate as your focus shifts to what is troubling you. During these attacks the amygdala is flooding your body with the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline and you go into “fight, flight or freeze” mode.

Do you know which anxiety response habit you use most often?

When this happens you unconsciously revert to your existing habits, attitudes and beliefs. This can often causes you to overreact in ways we later regret. Awareness is the first step in dealing with these attacks. If you do not notice you we are in the midst of a hijack you have no chance of getting back to emotional balance until the hijack has run its course. These amygdala hijacks often last for seconds, minutes, hours, days or even weeks. Unfortunately, we see examples and experience the personal results of amygdala hijacks every day.

The key to a better ROE is the development of better habits.

Your current paradigm is the internal control system that your mind has created to maintain a desired course of action. Your present paradigm, or belief system, is generating your current actions and results. Any improvement in performance is only temporary unless you alter your existing paradigm. This requires the development of new habits, deeper awareness and belief. The good news is you can do this at any age. It is called brain plasticity or neurogenesis.

The intellectual labor of gathering information is very different from the emotional labor required for knowing. Real knowing and awareness can only come from applied knowledge. It comes from the emotional involvement and experience that you have when you repeatedly use the information you have gathered. This is often referred to an experimental learning. Choosing to stay the same locks you into a pattern of wishing for better results but never actually getting them.

Want a better return on your energy?

Develop better habits.

T’s the season!



Written by: Phil Johnson

*This post originally appeared on Linkedin.

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