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04 Jan

Jean Silvestre

Admin Assistant

This post originally appeared on Job Search Ninja


This is a question you should be prepared to be asked from every prospective employer who interviews you or looks at your resume. It’s the first thing they’ll judge when deciding whether you’d make a more desirable employee than the other applicants you’re competing with.


You might not think you’ve done anything impressive, but we bet you’re better at your job today than you were when you started. That’s an accomplishment. How many burgers per hour did you flip on your first day, and how many can you do now? Are you getting fewer customer complaints now? Those are accomplishments worth sharing, because they demonstrate that you’ve got the attitude of always trying to do better that employers want.


We know from our own experience that the most successful workers are those who don’t merely do the tasks in their job description; they strive to do them more accurately, faster and more efficiently over time. Our associates are encouraged to exceed their own expectations in every area, from improving their teamwork skills to furthering their education. Finding a great job is just the beginning of the rewards to be reaped when you focus on your accomplishments.


Here are some tips for effectively presenting your achievements:


Get the Numbers

Quantify everything that you can. If you’re a data entry specialist, what is your accuracy rating? By how many minutes or by what percent did you cut the time it takes you to complete a task? How much money have brought your company in new business, or saved it in expenses?


Back Them Up

After each accomplishment, explain HOW you got to be as good as you are at these tasks. You might have had additional education or you might simply have worked hard to meet or surpass your own goals.


Think Outside the Box

Not all accomplishments can be defined by a number. Are you the person who can be counted on to help a co-worker out of a jam? Are you a “people person” who is good at making customers happy? Did you use your organizational skills to coordinate the company Christmas party? These are all character traits that employers look for.


So you see, everyone (yes, that means you!) has value to offer. Whatever your previous job, you’ve learned and grown from it. Let those accomplishments showcase your true talents … and be confident that you deserve a better job because of them.



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