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04 Jan


Senior Associate Consultant

This post originally appeared on Job Search Ninja


When people kick off a job search, their spirits are usually high. Even if they were laid off or fired, the initial shock is often replaced by feelings of relief and they are both hopeful and reasonably confident of their ability to find a new position, or perhaps even a better one. But as time goes on, the reality of a tough job market sinks in and their optimistic attitude gives way to hopelessness and lowered self-esteem.


This is perfectly normal. However, it’s extremely important that you try to stay positive and motivated. For one thing, it will help you make the necessary efforts for your job hunt to be successful. Depression saps your energy and desire to put yourself out there; and as the saying goes, no horse ever won a race he didn’t enter. Furthermore, your demotivated vibe will come across to any interviewer you do meet with, and hurt your chances of landing a job offer.


Try these three techniques to maintain a good attitude and get on with the things that could help you move forward.


  1. Avoid or ignore negativity: news reports that constantly remind you of the state of the economy and the unemployment rate, and well-meaning family and friends who unconsciously bring you down with their lack of encouragement or the wrong kind of encouragement (i.e. nagging). How you feel about yourself is more important than others’ opinions.


  1. Plan what you are going to do each day, then go and do it. Refuse to give in to procrastination or the feeling that there’s no point in even trying to find work. Push distractions aside and stick to the game plan, and you’ll have the ego boost of knowing that you kept your job hunt on track.


  1. Remember that effort always achieves something, even if it doesn’t seem like it today. It may bear fruit in the future by creating more opportunities and bringing you one step closer to your dream job. And it always gives you a reason to be proud of yourself for staying motivated and active in pursuit of your goals.


There’s a vicious cycle that gets worse the longer your job search lasts. Your lack of success makes you believe that any effort is hopeless — you do nothing all day (and, of course, accomplish nothing) — you feel even more hopeless — and around it goes again.


Break the cycle! Bring back that positive spirit you had on the first day of your job search, and you’ll open the door for good things to happen.



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